Editorial 46

Congratulations to the Editorial Board of DeporVida, likewise Conciencia Ediciones and the University of Holguin because of its acceptance at the Latin-American Network of Academic Journals on Social Sciences and Humanities, LatinREV (FLACSO. Argentinean Academic Headquarters). Its inclusion in LatinREV stimulates us to vehemently and enthusiastically continue working every day, and with a better quality when publishing the scientific articles, written according the established international standards and scientific rigor and authenticity needed, ethics and best practices.
This issue 46 presents a variety of topics which will interest you, such as the advantages a mechatronic equipment provides as an effective tool not only in the rehabilitation of patients; but also in the education and instruction of students, therapists and patients; likewise, the need to develop an integration of the goalkeeper to the collective practices and to the link with the other defensive actions and psychological training as well; also, a program for the Technical Training in ne-waza for Junior Judo Athletes; and how convenient is to higher the knowledge Sports teachers and pregnant women must have regarding the gestation risks, how important prevention is in order to having pregnant women keep a top life quality, as well as the need to develop a facilitating class with them, so this way, it is achieved the goal 5 of the Millennium Development Objectives. 
Similarly, other interesting works like controlling the technical performance of the pitchers in feminine baseball, with a view to pinpointing errors and proposing correction suggestions in the training process; besides, there is the proposal of a complementary textbook for the professional training process from the Sports Major undergraduate students and those from the 4th level studies (posgraduate) in taekwondo; so are Physical-Recreational Activities for the Inclusion of Adolescents with Mild Mental Retardation to favor their inclusion to community activities; and a proposal of teaching actions which allowed improving the execution of the moving techniques of kumiteen in karate do in the 9-10-year-old category, and the raise of the use of its potentials in combat in its combination with other techniques.
Finally, reflecting on the theoretical and methodological assumptions that support endurance training in soccer players in the under14 category; in the same way, reflecting on the human being diversity, which implies diversity for their education and not for their exclusion, and that it is there, where a better support can be found from the Physical Education class, in order to higher the teachers preparation who often interact in the psychosocial development of such subjects; last, a strategy in the English language which reinforces and perfects the system of skills as a tool to reach the Sports Major students´ comprehensive preparation, and The Development of Endurance in Soccer Professional Referees.

Our greatest wish is that this new issue is of your interest. We always welcome your opinions which can be made directly to any of the following e-mails: deporvida@uho.edu.cu, revistadeporvida@gmail.com. We would like to hear from you.

Thank you very much
Elizabeth Aguilera Díaz, Editor