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Even when the almost apocalyptic pandemic of COVID-19 scourges worldwide, the DeporVida Editorial Board keeps its work to present the issue 45, from the July-September quarter of 2020.

Nevertheless, before we mention what this new number brings, we would like to inform our readers that we are analyzing the work developed in this journal since its launch 17 years ago, in order to improve and achieve superior goals to the ones obtained; in correspondence to the request from the direction of the University of Holguin and CONCIENCIA EDICIONES Editorial Department, where we belong.

We are so in accordance with the changes ahead, which we must inevitably face, like the world with the future transformations, which make us think twice every personal action of our private and professional lives. We have no other choice. These are times to grow in all aspects. And regarding DeporVida, it is a choice that both its Scientific Board and reviewers, and so the readers and authors must take all together. This is an obligation that needs to be solved successfully.

The current uncertainty must be answered with the best attitudes. Let´s think of better things in our lives, in everybody else’s as well, and in those things we usually do at home and at work. This pause we are living today is to grow, to improve, and to overcome; we know that it is always possible. It certainly is. Many human beings are willing to take the chance. Our planet needs it. That is precisely our request to you all, to the academic community in our insular region and all, everywhere, where we are present thanks to the social networks.

Resulting from your answers there is the improvement of the articles you submit, regarding the scientific writing, the achievement of the publishing guides and procedures stated in the Authors´ guidelines; likewise the recognition of the information sources (identification and citing the bibliographical references of the original sources, in which the work information it is based on).

We remind you all that in your authors´ role, your works are subject to peer review. All articles are anonymously refereed by specialists in the field searching for quality, feasibility, scientific rigor and authenticity, among others, through the peer review and double blind methods. It is essential to emphasize that your articles must be honest and for readers from other scientific communities. We highlight as experienced authors our reviewers or experts, external assessors. We always acknowledge works from abroad as soon as possible; hence, DeporVida is not only for sports professionals. It is a quarterly academic journal. We make our best to accomplish an agile editorial management process and world visibility. These are some of the best practices.

We suggest you to read the notice in this issue.

DeporVida presents 45 interesting works like, the aquatic program Corona for obese patients; the set of therapeutic exercises for the care of students with medical certificate in Physical Education classes in Higher Education; and reflections on Gender and Physical Sport Practice in Preschool Education in Manta-Ecuador.

Original articles are also: the proposal of a system of psychopedagogical actions to improve the field defense reaction time in elementary school Volleyball players; methodology to minimize the insufficiencies when designing and solving training tasks from the offensive game phase of the 14-15 year-old soccer players; a methodological strategy for overcoming the pedagogical competence of the Volleyball coach who works in the initial training area in the elementary school category; and systematization of the swimming stroke technical training fundamentals.

Other important studies follow. There is a methodological treatment to the basic professional skill "to argue your criteria" from the subject Sports I (Athletics) to unify criteria for their subsequent implementation in the educational process and strengthen the theoretical elements supporting teaching and the basic professional skills; the theoretical foundation of the pedagogical model of the coach professional improvement to apply statistics as his functions and decision-making in sports based on hypothesis.

Besides, a proposal of postgraduate overcoming based on the coordination as opportunity to achieve harmony between the researchers, the athletics trainers and the athletes, likewise, between the coaches and the sources of information managed along the research training; theoretical and methodological considerations of technical preparation in junior soccer; and the pre-game beisbalón containing educational and extracurricular actions for the improvement of the participation and strengthening of discipline in Physical Education classes in university students.

Our greatest wish is that this new issue is of your interest. We always welcome your opinions which can be made directly to any of the following e-mails:, We would like to hear from you.

Thank you very much
Elizabeth Aguilera Díaz, Editor

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